EasyDPS® is a comprehensive move management system that increases revenue, business efficiencies, productivity, staff and customer satisfaction for moving companies that move military household goods as part of the DOD DP3 program. EasyDPS® provides users an automated two-way interface to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) as well as tools for managing the moves efficiently from shipment award to agent communication, claims settlement, quality control monitoring, and billing.

Through EasyDPS®users can:

  • Manage standard and volume moves, blackouts, claims, rates, CSS, ICSS, BVS, TDL, billing, agent and other third-party communication for all SCACs from one user-friendly application.

  • Enjoy the user-friendliness and convenience of a local system and the efficiencies of a two-way interface: users work in EasyDPS® or a local system integrated with EasyDPS® and data is automatically downloaded from and uploaded to DPS.

  • Save time and improve productivity: employees can work even when DPS is not available and, therefore, they can focus on the move as opposed to data entry.

  • Book faster, more and better: standard shipment offers are automatically accepted and downloaded from DPS to avoid SCAC suspension. During peak season, EasyDPS® users also have tools to review and manually accept or refuse standard shipments in accordance with SDDC peak season shipment refusal policies.

  • Increase short fuse bookings: EasyDPS® competes for DPS short fuse offers smartly, 24/7. EasyDPS® uses user pre-defined criteria such as market, channel or minimum weight to compete for short fuse offers while complying with the latest government click counts and DPS/ETA access restrictions. As an add-on to the automatic short fuse offer competition and acceptance functionality, EasyDPS® also locks DPS short fuse offers that fall outside the criteria for automatic acceptance so designated staff have the opportunity to manually review and accept them.

  • Explore and grow new or existing business relationships: communicate and exchange data with other carriers and agents directly from EasyDPS® and receive/send shipment offers and provide/receive origin or destination services on domestic and internal shipments.

  • Settle internal and third-party claims, access prior claims history, communicate and exchange data with repair firms and other claim adjusters.

  • Get paid faster: submit invoices directly to Syncada or to Daycos and get automatic status reports.

  • Communicate securely with move partners and automate the exchange of data and documents with agents, claims adjusters, repair firms and other third-parties in the US and overseas.

  • Manage customer expectations and become more efficient with the help of alerts, reminders and reports that indicate DPS data changes, shipment and claims updates.

  • Stay in control of the move as updates and requests entered by agents and other parties can be reviewed before they get posted to DPS.

  • Track customer satisfaction, SCAC and staff performance.

  • Comply with DPS access and usage rules to avoid SCAC or ETA login suspensions.

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