EasyDPS has everything you need to work within the Defense Personal Property System’s regulations. Automated and collaborative tools will make your moving business more efficient during peak season. Plus, DPS short-fuse tools and business rules can help you stay busy year round.
One software to manage all your SCACs One-stop SCAC Management: Manage all your SCACs in one easy to use application.
Automated shipment acceptance Simplify Your Shipment Acceptance: EasyDPS lets you accept and download standard DPS shipments automatically, keeping you compliant with the Defense Personal Property System’s acceptance rules. Plus, you can always review shipments that come in during active blackouts to determine if you’d like to accept or refuse them.
 EasyDPS also complies with the latest government restrictions regarding DPS/ETA access Compete for Short-Fuse Shipments: You don’t have to be at your desk to accept short-fuse shipments. EasyDPS is constantly competing for military moves based on whatever criteria you select. Your system will also grab offers that may fall outside your normal preferences, so you can determine if you want them.
Schedule and manage DPS blackouts efficiently Manage Blackouts for You and Your Agents: Set up blackouts for standard, short-fuse, and volume moves. Plus you can see your agents’ blackouts to know your total capacity quickly.
Settle internal and third-party claims Eliminate Claims Headaches: Settle any military claim with useful industry data. You can view a service member’s claims history, exchange data with claims adjusters and repair firms, and receive alerts when new claims or updates occur.
Improved CSS monitoring Control Quality and Improve Service: EasyDPS pulls in customer satisfaction survey data automatically, linking each score with the agent or staff member associated with it. You can also rate an agent’s performance internally, helping you determine which companies you want to work with in the future.
Collaborate through the GOgistiX network Collaborate with Your Partners: Automatically share shipment information with agents, claims adjusters, repair firms, billing specialists, and other partners worldwide. Everyone can communicate and update the shipment data from their own systems, eliminating the need for phone calls, faxes, or emails.
Access your information efficiently Take Charge of Your Data: CSS, BVS, and TDL data is automatically downloaded and you have the tools to filter, manipulate, and export it. You can also quickly upload and download rate information from DPS, putting you in control of your information.
Send invoices directly from EasyDPS Bill the Way You Want: With integrations to Daycos and Syncada, you can handle your billing in the way that works best for you. Keep track of your invoicing, exchange important documents, export data, and run reports using these powerful tools.
Faster communication from the GOgistiX network Faster Communication = Faster Claims Settlement: Claims adjusters using EasyDPS can request estimates and send approvals to repair firms quickly. Photos, repair notes, and reports are exchanged seamlessly, speeding up the settlement process and improving your relationship with service members.
Automated alerts and reminders No Cracks to Fall Through: EasyDPS helps your staff stay on top of your workflow and shipment updates. With automated alerts and reminders, you can rest assured that you’ll always know what items are pending, when shipment data has changed, or when the government sends an alert.
Robust reporting Get Ahead with Robust Reporting: Get insights into your data and the industry. Quickly view shipment statistics and data in one place. Plus, as a participating customer, you can see aggregated data from the industry to determine how you compare with other transportation service providers.
Comply with SDDC's guidelines Stay Compliant Without Even Trying: EasyDPS has been developed with SDDC’s guidelines in mind. Why risk suspension of your SCAC authority again? When using EasyDPS for all your military moves, you can trust that system tools will keep you compliant and prevent users from putting your access to DPS in jeopardy.