How it works

After installing your EasyDPS appliance, ETA logins, and digital certificates, you will be ready to connect and exchange data with the Defense Personal Property System. You can access EasyDPS from an unlimited number of computers in your network and anywhere in the world.
Any time an update is made to data within the government system, it will flow seamlessly into your EasyDPS. And any changes you make while working your shipments will be reflected on the DOD side.

Perhaps one of the most valuable features of EasyDPS is its integration with GOgistiX. GOgistiX is a communications network that lets you share data and documents with your partners across the globe. Regardless of what software they use, if they are connected to GOgistiX, you can collaborate and share important data with any of the agents, claims representatives, repair companies, or providers that work on your shipments.

Automated two way interface to the Defense Personal Property System and hub for the GOgistiX network
EasyDPS® is a software application that resides on an EasyDPS® appliance which is installed in the EasyDPS® customer’s network. EasyDPS® accesses DPS from the customer’s location using the customer’s ETA/DPS login credentials. The EasyDPS® Client application can be installed on an unlimited number of computers in the customer’s network and it can also be set up for access from multiple authorized locations (for example, the customer has several offices/locations that work in DPS).
EasyDPS Integration
Want to integrate your internal system with EasyDPS? No problem. We have a suite of integration tools and an EasyDPS API available free of charge. And as always, technical support for your integration is included free of charge, as well.
EasyDPS Requirements
To get the most out of your EasyDPS, you need high-speed internet connectivity to connect to DPS, get important updates, and have your services monitored 24/7 by our tech support department.