and Warranty

With hardware specified to our customers’ needs, comprehensive training, and top-notch support, EasyDPS has been adopted by over 99% of moving companies in the Defense Personal Property Program.
EasyDPS warranty
WARRANTY Your purchase of EasyDPS includes a one-year software and hardware warranty that begins once the EasyDPS server is installed at your location.

EasyDPS comes with unlimited support
MAINTENANCE Your yearly maintenance agreement includes:
Unlimited online training Online training is free to every EasyDPS user. No matter how many staff members you have, or how many refreshers they need, unlimited online sessions with our trainers won’t cost you a penny.
Unlimited technical support (online or by telephone) You’ve already paid for the software; you shouldn’t have to pay for the support to use it. Our dedicated support staff are available 7 days a week, and there is no charge regardless of how many times you contact us.
All new releases Our software development is inspired by our user community, and we make frequent releases throughout the year to improve your system. This customer-driven approach ensures you’ll benefit from the great ideas of your industry peers, and always have the most up-to-date version of software.
Managing updates to DPS We monitor DPS constantly to ensure your software stays compliant with and adjusts automatically to any changes in the government system.
Service monitoring 24/7 Our team keeps a close eye on your server’s performance to ensure we can intervene immediately in case of hardware issues or loss of internet connectivity.
EasyDPS certifications
EASYDPS CERTIFICATION For advanced users, we also offer the EasyDPS Training and Certification Program. In-person sessions give users the opportunity for an in-depth review in a small class environment. The course helps experienced staff master several areas of the system, including shipment management, claims, administration, quality control, and billing. Please contact us for pricing options for our on-site, certification training.
EasyDPS integrations
SOFTWARE API Communication and connectivity are important to your business. That’s why use of EasyDPS includes a software API that customers can utilize free of charge. It’s also available for licensing by third-party software companies, and we do not charge any additional fees for technical support. For more information email